Chuan Hup Holdings Limited (“CHH”) was founded in 1970 as a tug and barge service provider for the PSA Corporation in Singapore. CHH subsequently developed a core competency in the provision of marine transportation services to the mining and energy sectors within the ASEAN region. In doing so, CHH established itself as one of the leading owners and operators of marine transport equipment to the resource industries. In addition, CHH also has investments in the property and electronics manufacturing services sectors.

In the Financial Year ended 30 June 2003, CHH reorganized its marine business into two separate and distinct operations according to industry focus, namely, the offshore support services to the oil and gas industry (held under its then subsidiary CH Offshore Ltd) and marine logistics services and transportation of bulk aggregates.

On 14 February 2005, CHH entered into an agreement with Habib Corporation Berhad, pursuant to which Habib Corporation Berhad would acquire from CHH the entire marine logistics business, 29.1% (out of the 52.8% held by CHH) of the issued shares of CH Offshore Ltd and 49.1% of the issued shares of PT Rig Tenders Indonesia held by CHH.

On 30 September 2005, CHH completed the above transaction with Habib Corporation Berhad (now known as Scomi Marine Berhad) for SGD $485,621,190 and a 28.9% stake in Scomi Marine Berhad.

CHH continues to operate as an investment holding company with investments in the following sectors:

1) Marine

2) Manufacturing

3) Property

4) Other Investments