Since its incorporation 46 years ago, Chuan Hup Holdings Limited ("Chuan Hup") has repositioned itself into an investment company with a diversified portfolio of investments in the electronics manufacturing services and property sectors, in addition to its equity investments portfolio.

The Company was founded in 1970 as a tug and barge service provider to the PSA Corporation in Singapore. It established itself as one of the leading owners and operators of marine transportation equipment to the resource industry and was listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGXST") in 1983. Chuan Hup then diversified its business activities into electronics manufacturing services and property development.

Its business unit in the electronics manufacturing services industry, PCI Limited ("PCI"), was listed on the then Sesdaq of the SGX-ST in 1992 and thereafter transferred to the Mainboard of SGX-ST in 1995. Subsequent to a mandatory conditional cash offer launched by Chuan Hup in 2011, PCI became its 76.7% subsidiary.

Chuan Hup has invested in property development projects for over a decade. As a property developer, Chuan Hup successfully launched its first residential project in Singapore, The Clementvale, in 1999. It has invested in property development projects in Australia and Philippines directly or via an equity stake. Such business arrangements have enabled Chuan Hup to leverage on the expertise of local business partners in these development projects overseas. Past developments have all been well received and fully sold shortly after completion. Current development projects include the Symphony City and Unison in Perth.

Three floors of office space in GB Building in Singapore were acquired in 2014 to form Chuan Hup's investment property portfolio for the purpose of generating stable recurring rental income over the long term.

Chuan Hup will continue to maintain a prudent stance as it focuses its efforts to seek investment opportunities that will enhance returns in the short term and contribute to sustainable long-term growth in shareholder value of the Company.